About Us

The Infini Story


Derived from the word Infinite, Infini aspires to be endless and limitless.

Limitless in inspirations, solutions, creativity, innovation, and possibilities.

We take such aspiration to transform Indonesia’s Out of Home Advertising industry

Our Vision

Lead, Inspire, & Innovate

Infini’s vision is to be the leading Out-Of-Home company in Indonesia that delivers inspiration through design, data-driven solutions, and relentless innovation.

Premium Locations

We’re highly selective in our location selections. Prioritizing high traffic, visibility, and area relevance to your audience

Exquisite Design

We place great importance on media design because it can enhance the image and value of our Clients’ Brand.

Superior Quality

We prioritise on having top quality products sourced from credible and reputable manufacturers, emphasizing on durability, reliability and technology.

OOH Experts

We have a team of proven professionals with solid experience in construction, LED technology, marketing, government affiliates, permits, legal and overseas OOH.