INFINI OOH: When Public Transport Is Used to Communicate a Brand Campaign.

Infini Offers Bus Advertising Via The Transjabodetabek Network. Bus transit advertising offers a high impact, unavoidable large format medium which follows set routes navigating through the most popular and busiest road arteries in Jakarta. Bus advertising is essentially a form of OOH, a moving billboard which engages commuters, passengers in cars & pedestrians throughout the […]

3D Animation growing trend on DOOH

With the latest viral sensation of 3D animations that can be seen in Seoul, Chengdu and Shibuya, this solidifies the power of DOOH and how it can extend to social media. If done the right way, the 3D material can instantly draw big attention and high engagement. Another good thing about it is that the […]

Menara Taspen DOOH Traffic Analysis

Infini’s LED Videotron at Menara Taspen is a premium Digital Out-Of-Home media due to its commanding presence on the edge of the building, and its clear viewability from the road. This section of the Jl. Jend. Sudirman is also one of the busiest and popular because of its proximity to the Sudirman Transport Hub and many prominent office buildings.

Guide to effective DOOH Ad

There are many great benefits a Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising can provide such as dynamic and adaptive content. Here are some of the key points Brands can apply when creating a DOOH Ad :

Edwin Jeans bringing fashion to DOOH

Fashion is something that requires a visual medium to convey style, colour and identity. So what can be a more impactful and bigger medium to deliver this than a big LED Videotron