3D Animation growing trend on DOOH

With the latest viral sensation of 3D animations that can be seen in Seoul, Chengdu and Shibuya, this solidifies the power of DOOH and how it can extend to social media. If done the right way, the 3D material can instantly draw big attention and high engagement. Another good thing about it is that the […]

Infini launches Slipi Junction LED Videotron

Filling a void in the prime area of Slipi (West Jakarta) that captures traffic heading towards Senayan or Semanggi area, Infini launches a brand new 8m x 16m LED Videotron with a long and clear view across from the Toll and S.Parman road that links to Gatot Subroto.

Edwin Jeans bringing fashion to DOOH

Fashion is something that requires a visual medium to convey style, colour and identity. So what can be a more impactful and bigger medium to deliver this than a big LED Videotron