Guide to effective DOOH Ad

There are many great benefits a Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising can provide such as dynamic and adaptive content. Here are some of the key points Brands can apply when creating a DOOH Ad :
  • Attractive animations or motion, avoid using slide style
  • Colourful images, best to avoid black or dark background
  • Clear and concise message, preferably with big and easy-to-read font
  • Allow sufficient time for people to read
  • Always have Logo from beginning to end
  • Size of Logo and other info such as website URL and phone numbers must be easily visible
  • Try to avoid storyboard or TVC style because of the absence of sound
  • Try to use a Hashtag and make it stand out at the end to boost engagement and Ad recall
  • Don’t forget a Call-To-Action message such as “Download Now”, “Call Now”, “Tag” etc.
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