Infini Offers Bus Advertising Via The Transjabodetabek Network.

Bus transit advertising offers a high impact, unavoidable large format medium which follows set routes navigating through the most popular and busiest road arteries in Jakarta.

Bus advertising is essentially a form of OOH, a moving billboard which engages commuters, passengers in cars & pedestrians throughout the day on its journey thus providing more exposure than a traditional billboard whilst amplifying the Advertisers message and creating a permanent impression on its viewers.

Some of The Advantages of The Bus Format Are:

As we emerge from Covid & work from home, more people are out and about. Infini’s Buses reach these audiences and engage them as they go about their everyday life and unlike digital formats this cannot be unseen or turned off.

Infini’s Bus media has been entrusted by local & international iconic brands and successfully executed client’s media plans resulting in high impact memorable impressions across its audiences.

Contact us to find out how Infini can help to you too!

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